TrailerTail aero units top 50k in sales

TrailerTail aero units top 50k in sales

STEMCO reports that 50,000 TrailerTail rear tail trailer fairings (boat tails) have now been sold.

TrailerTail’spatented aerodynamic technology increases fuel efficiency by an average of 5.5 percent and improves stability and visibility for drivers, according to the manufacturer. TrailerTail streamlines the airflow around a semi-trailer and mitigates the low-pressure suction drag that reduces fuel efficiency and creates turbulence.

In late 2015, STEMCO's new TrailerTail production facility in Longview, Texas, came online to help the company keep pace with record-breaking demand for its aerodynamic components.

"We saw tremendous demand for the TrailerTail in 2015 – even with lower fuel prices. As the price of diesel begins to creep back up, and fleets begin to put a greater focus on fuel and energy savings, we expect to see even higher sales of aerodynamic solutions like the TrailerTail," said Bob Montgomery, Vice President of the STEMCO Innovative Tire & Mileage Solutions group.

Demand for the TrailerTail is expected to increase in 2016 in the U.S., as well as in Canada where Quebec Transport Minister Jacques Daoust recently signed a decree approving the use of foldable aerodynamic fairings in the province, the company notes.

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