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'Run on Less' cross-country roadshow to showcase truck fuel efficiency

'Run on Less' cross-country roadshow to showcase truck fuel efficiency

Shell, PepsiCo, the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and Carbon War Room (CWR) have announced Run on Less, a cross-country roadshow showcasing advancements in fuel efficiency in long-haul trucking that'll take place in September.

Run on Less will demonstrate how Class 8 trucks can use different technologies to achieve the best fuel economy possible, according to the organizers. The three-week roadshow will kick off with trucks hitting the road from multiple locations across the country, and they'll meet up at the inaugural North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) show in Atlanta taking place Sept. 24-28. Run on Less will be led by NACFE's and CWR's Trucking Efficiency operation, with Shell and PepsiCo as the title sponsors.

Run on Less will include between six and 10 Class 8 trucks using current, commercially-available fuel efficiency technologies in hauling real freight around the country. The trucks will be equipped with different efficiency technologies, and drivers will demonstrate how to achieve the best fuel economy in today's highway tractors.

With a goal of achieving 9.0 MPG or higher in the trucks, the technologies fitted to the trucks will range from 6x2s and automated transmissions to aerodynamic enhancements and other technologies that assist with improving freight efficiency. Driver progress, as well as the fuel costs and carbon emissions saved, will be tracked and reported in real time throughout Run on Less via a live online site.

The roadshow will end at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta on September 24, where the final results will be announced, and drivers will showcase their equipment and share learnings and best practices on fuel economy. Technology manufacturers will be available throughout NACV to help attending fleets accelerate their adoption of technologies that make sense for their operations.

More details will be released on Run on Less in the coming months. This month, event organizers note they'll be accepting fleet applications to participate in the Run. Sponsorship opportunities will remain open through June 1.

"Shell consistently works to raise awareness about the energy challenge facing us, and the Run on Less collaboration is the perfect way to demonstrate our commitment," said Annie Peter, fleet sector marketing manager for Shell Lubricants. "With new fuel economy regulations on the horizon and the need for continuing advances in fuel economy, Shell Lubricants recognizes that a holistic approach to making fuel economy gains is important.

"This includes advances in engine and drivetrain technology, the use of low viscosity lubricants, aerodynamic designs, efficient driving methods and more," she continued. PepsiCo agreed, emphasizing the need to drive efficiency in trucking.

"Delivering products using a more efficient fleet is a key component of achieving PepsiCo's goal to reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions across our value chain," noted Mike O'Connell, senior director of supply chain at PepsiCo. "Run on Less provides a unique opportunity for us to join other forward-looking fleets to demonstrate best practices when it comes to MPGs, and provide real-world confidence to encourage widespread adoption of fuel-efficient technologies, ultimately improving the bottom line for North American fleets."

For more info on Run on Less, contact Mike Roeth at [email protected] or visit, or watch more in the video below.

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