Phillips Coiled Air Gladhand Assembly
<p>Phillips Coiled Air Gladhand Assembly</p>

Phillips Qwik Tech Tips: cold weather air line failures

The December issue of the Phillips Industries monthly newsletter, Qwik Tech Tips, tackles cold weather related air line failures. Phillips explains the causes of these failures, how safety is impacted, and the associated damage to the air lines. The newsletter offers solutions and ideas to minimize the problems.

Winter weather effects on air lines are especially important to remedy because failures can impair a vehicle’s braking system performance. If temperatures are too cold and drop below a coiled air line’s working temperature, the air lines can lose their ability to stretch, as well as to recoil. 

Without this stretching capability, force is applied to the gladhands and can separate, or even completely pull away, causing loss of air pressure to the braking system. Additionally, inflexibility in air lines causes kinking which can block air flow to the braking system and permanently damage the air lines.  

The December issue of the Qwik Tech Tips, along with all archived issues, can be viewed and downloaded at  

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