Peterbilt stamps 'Red Oval' on pre-owned truck program

Peterbilt stamps 'Red Oval' on pre-owned truck program

The Red Oval program is a new certified pre-owned truck sales effort being launched by Peterbilt Motors Co. this week.

The OEM said certified “Red Oval” pre-owned trucks go through a 150-point inspection and are covered by a complimentary warranty package. Available through its dealer network as well as Paccar Financial Used Truck Centers, certified Red Oval trucks also feature a customer loyalty program and are available with preferred financing options through Paccar Financial, the manufacturer noted.

Darrin Siver, Peterbilt’s GM, stressed that only trucks four model years or newer and with less than 450,000 miles are eligible for Red Oval certification.

“The Red Oval certification criteria were carefully developed to help ensure excellent quality and condition, both inside and out,” he pointed out, adding that – if necessary – Red Oval trucks receive reconditioning services to meet specific certification standards. Those certification checks include: oil and filter change, diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning, plus any other maintenance needs not only to make them Red Oval certified but Department of Transportation (DOT) certified as well.

The complimentary warranty package for Red Oval trucks includes factory-authorized engine coverage that alo applies to the aftertreatment system, while providing up to one year or 125,000 miles of overall coverage. Peterbilt noted an optional extended coverage package can be added up to 60 months or 625,000 miles, with both plans including free towing and a zero dollar deductible.

The manufacturer emphasized that its Red Oval pre-owned truck inventory will be displayed online based on the customer’s selected location, but added that the online database is also searchable by truck characteristics, such as model and year. Each listing includes the selling dealership’s location and contact information, Peterbilt added.

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