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New from Minimizer: Tandem bench, slick plate

When you're working hard, you want everything else to be easy, which is why Minimizer said it is releasing its newest maintenance line products – the Tandem Work Bench and the Slick Plate.

According to Minimizer, while you're busy fixing your truck, the work bench sits securely on tandems and holds up to 300 pounds of parts and tools.

"For years, we've had repair shops ask us to make something like the Tandem Work Bench," CEO Craig Kruckeberg said. "They were always having problems with tools falling off the truck, or bolts rolling off the tops of tires. This saves space when you're working on an engine teardown. Now you have room for everything you need."

The bench features two removable tops, along with a deep base, and it comes with the company’s lifetime guarantee.

"Our new Maintenance Line is taking Minimizer in an exciting new direction. We already have products inside the truck and outside the truck. The Maintenance Line allows you to work on the truck," Kruckeberg said.

Get rid of grease with Minimizer's Slick Plate, which is made of poly plastic. According to the company, the Slick Plate removes the need for grease and prolongs the life of the fifth wheel. And, the company said, less friction makes for easier handling and maneuverability.

"I wish they would've had this when my father was a truck driver, because every time he'd come home on the weekends, I had to clean the grease off everything!" Kruckeberg said. "The grease gets everywhere, but with our new Slick Plate, there's no need for it."

The Slick Plate comes with all necessary hardware, so there's no welding to secure it to the fifth wheel, Minimizer said, adding that it also comes with a five-year warranty.

"It's quicker than welding and really easy to put on," Kruckeberg said. "It just makes life so much easier."

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