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Lower roadside inspection times among tire inflation system benefits, PSI reports

Lower roadside inspection times among tire inflation system benefits, PSI reports

Pressure Systems International (PSI) reports that data collected from fleets indicate that those with automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS) on their trailers reduce the time spent in CVSA regulated roadside inspections. The time saved during these routine inspections generates additional uptime and reduces costs for fleets utilizing automatic tire inflations systems on their equipment, PSI says. 
The data indicates that the difference in CVSA inspection time between trailers with ATIS and those without the systems is a reduction, on average, of 17 minutes. In the CVSA regulatory guidelines, inspectors are to check off whether tires on vehicles they are inspecting have low inflation pressure and to do that they must review a load/inflation chart for the given tire size and load range.  

“CVSA inspectors realize that it is not necessary to check the tire inflation on trailers with automatic inflation systems because they always have the correct air pressure,” said Al Cohn, PSi director, New Market Development & Engineering Support. “They can utilize their time more efficiently looking at the tires for damage, wear or other issues because they know they won’t find any under-inflated tires if these systems are present” 
PSI manufacturers and markets the most widely used ATIS product in North America, MTIS by PSI.  PSI initiated the original patents for an automatic tire inflation system for commercial vehicles more than twenty years ago and today this product category is recognized for the benefits it offers truck operators, the company says.  

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