Kenworth’s Predictive Cruise Control in production for T680s, T880s

Kenworth’s Predictive Cruise Control in production for T680s, T880s

Kenworth Predictive Cruise Control is now in production for new Kenworth T680s andT880s specified with the PACCAR MX-13 engine. Available as a factory-installed option, the new Kenworth system combines cruise control with GPS to help deliver optimal fuel economy, the company said.

“By anticipating the terrain ahead, Kenworth Predictive Cruise Control ensures that the PACCAR MX-13 engine and the transmission are in the most efficient operating mode to increase fuel economy,” said Kevin Baney, Kenworth chief engineer.

Kenworth Predictive Cruise Control is available with Eaton UltraShift and Eaton Fuller Advantage automated and manual transmissions.

“Kenworth actively develops technologies that will help customers achieve high fuel economy,” Baney said. “In addition to Predictive Cruise Control, we offer the Kenworth Driver Performance Assistant Kenworth Driver Shift Aid, and Kenworth Driver Reward systems. All these technology advancements are important in delivering best in class fuel economy.”

The Kenworth Driver Performance Assistant is now standard on Kenworth T680s and T880s spec’d with the PACCAR MX-13 engine. The system is a built-in virtual driver’s coach and a tool to improve driver performance for fleets and owner operators. Drivers receive real-time coaching based on coasting and braking as a means to improve fuel economy, the company said.

Available on Kenworth models utilizing the PACCAR MX-13 engine with manual transmissions, the Kenworth Driver Shift Aid provides a visual cue – “shift now” light – for when to shift, according to the company. With engine peak torques at lower RPMs, the system is an excellent tool to help drivers hit the sweet spot in shifting. It even checks for drivability after the shift – which is based on the PACCAR MX-13’s engine torque curve and internal fuel map. Shift Aid also recommends skip or split shifting. By keeping the engine in the optimum RPM range, fuel economy is enhanced.

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