Jerr-Dan offers new body design for 35-ton wrecker

Jerr-Dan offers new body design for 35-ton wrecker

Jerr-Dan Corp. is releasing a new design for a wrecker. The non-corrosive exterior of the 35 Ton JFB, made of weather-tight and impact-resistant polypropylene, comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the body.

“Our JFB body series was designed with our customer’s best interest in mind,” said Jeffrey Irr, senior director of sales and marketing. “We wanted to show them that we truly care by producing a product designed around their needs and opinions. The structure of the JFB will keep long term cost and body repair costs at a minimum for our customers.”

As part of the JFB body series, this truck will be available in a gold or silver series, the company stated. Gold series wreckers offer pre-set storage solutions (for a “turn-key” unit), while silver series wreckers allow for the operator to organize the interior.

When it comes to the 35 ton JFB units, heavy-duty project manager Shane Coleman said: “We offer our 35 Ton units in the Integrated and Independent line. The Independent units can be built with our 480 coach boom, or 530 under-lift— the same under-lifts used on our 50 Ton line.”

“For customers who do a greater percentage of heavy towing, the option to build a severe-duty towing unit while keeping cost and weight down is possible,” according to the company. “Our most popular unit, the Integrated, carries our 300 and 350 underlift fit for the standard heavy-duty task load. These units are offered with various equipment options in the winch, wire rope, under-lift, and remote controls. All of this coupled with the JFB Body, brings functionality, ascetics, and performance demand to our 35 Ton unit.”

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