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Fontaine Fifth Wheel FFW_H7_TopPlate Photo: Fontaine Fifth Wheel
The Fontaine Fifth Wheel H7 top plate replaces the H5092 and X5092 Series.

Fontaine Fifth Wheel shows off new top plate

Like the 7000 Series, the Fontaine H7 features a cast steel housing and the Fontaine No-Slack locking system.

Fontaine Fifth Wheel has created a new top plate designed specifically for severe-duty applications. The Fontaine H7 replaces the H5092 and X5092 Series and combines it into one fifth wheel system.

Like the 7000 Series, the H7 features a cast steel housing and the Fontaine No-Slack locking system, the only trigger activated self-adjusting locking mechanism in the industry, according to the company. The fifth wheel lock self-adjusts in order to accommodate for wear and for variations in kingpin geometry. This means drivers get a snug, secure hassle-free connection as they move from trailer to trailer. The design also reduces shock inputs into the frame when braking and accelerating; so drivers get a smoother ride and components last longer for lower maintenance costs, according to Fontaine..

“Our mission with the H7 was to simplify our severe duty product line into one cast steel fifth wheel system that uses our most up to date No-Slack® locking system,” said Mike Randolph, vice president of sales & marketing in North America.

“The beauty of the H7 fifth wheel is that it offers a majority of the same working parts that you find in our current No-Slack® 6000 and 7000 series top plates so the need to keep additional replacement parts in field will be greatly reduced,” said Paige Petroni, VP of aftermarket for Fontaine.

The Fontaine H7 is rated up to 70,000 lbs vertical load, a drawbar pull rating up to 200,000 lbs and has the option of being blocked (no-tilt) from the factory. It’s a great solution for logging, heavy haul, oil field, mining and other severe-duty applications.

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