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Fleet Engineers offers wide-based mud flap

Fleet Engineers offers wide-based mud flap

Fleet Engineers has announced the release of the AF-19, a 19” wide version of the AeroFlap mud flap, now sized for wide-base tires.

“The AeroFlap offers the finest in spray suppression and aerodynamic value, and is specifically designed for today’s fuel-conscious fleet managers,” the company said.

According to Fleet Engineers, many fleets today are replacing their standard dual tire configurations for wide-base tires for reasons of fuel economy and stability. National Transportation Research Laboratory testing showed gas mileage increased nearly 3% with the use of the wider single tires on tractor-trailers.

The AeroFlap makes its own contribution to fuel savings. Its diamond-patterned design allows air and water to flow through the flap, reducing vehicle drag and increasing fuel mileage, the company noted. On-highway studies indicate that the aerodynamically-friendly AeroFlap increases fuel efficiency from .5 to 1%, Fleet Engineers added.

“And safety is also increased,” the company explained. “Since air and water flow through the AeroFlap, the vacuum that trails traditional mud flaps is broken up, thus reducing rain spray on the road. The increased airflow also serves to vent heat away from tires and brakes.”

The AF-19 and the AF-24 come in various lengths and are available in white or black with straight or angled top edges.

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