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Cummins recalls more than 5,000 engines for potential ECM problem

Cummins recalls more than 5,000 engines for potential ECM problem

Faulty engine control modules (ECMs) on certain Cummins ISX12 and ISX15 truck engines are being recalled by the OEM, with notifications expected to begin July 7.

In a filing with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), Cummins said ECM part number 4358814 on ISX12 and ECM part numbers 5317106 and 4358814 on ISX15 engines manufactured from March 7 through April 12 this year will be recalled as they may short circuit and blow a fuse, resulting in the engine stalling without warning. More than 5,000 units are potentially affected, according to the notice.

If this occurs, the engine cannot be restarted until the ECM and fuse are replaced, Cummins noted.

The company pointed to a problem with some ECM masking covers that allowed water ingress during the engine wash process. Cummins reports replacing the masking covers with verified/certified covers, and the covers were vacuum tested to ensure proper sealing. An additional cover was added prior to engine wash, as shown above.

The OEM added that it will replace existing ECMs on those engines with a new ECM, free of charge, starting July 7.

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