Cobra shows off redesigned inverter line, dash cam series at MATS

Cobra shows off redesigned inverter line, dash cam series at MATS

LOUISVILLE. KY. Cobra Electronics Corp. showed off a new line of DC to AC Power Inverters at the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS), along with its new CDR 825E Dash Cam, the most recent addition to the Drive HD Dash Cam by Cobra Series.

The inverters displayed at MATS ranged from small, recreational models to heavy-duty units to support a sleeper loaded with electronics and appliances.  Among the improvements for the lineup is a “new, industrial design” and 5V 2.1A “fast-charge” USB output capability, explained Product Manager Ramon Sandoval.

“We also added safety features in addition to the previous Pentagon Protection,” he said, including GFI self-tests and “inductive protection circuitry” for appliances such as microwave ovens which may create voltage spikes that lead to an erroneous shutdown in many inverters. “These also have very efficient cooling systems. With inverters, the key is to keep them running very cool.”

Among the cameras on display, the CDR 825E is the latest compact in the Drive HD Dash Cam by Cobra series. This new model sports a 2.7 inch LCD screen, the largest in the series, along with an extra wide 140 degree viewing angle delivering a full view of the road and peripherals without edge distortion.

As with other Drive HD Dash Cams, the CDR 825E uses Continuous Loop Recording, which optimizes storage by automatically deleting old video clips to make room for the new.  It also includes a G-Sensor, which senses sudden acceleration and collisions to automatically capture and protect critical footage before, during and immediately following an accident.

Among the inverters on display:

CPI 190
MSRP: $39.95
The Cobra CPI 190 is the company’s smallest power inverter that comes in a Cigarette Lighter Plug compact design, the perfect travel-size companion in a powerful form factor and able to power up any mobile device, small video game or even most compact laptops. It provides 130 watts continuous power with 260 watt peak power, a swivel SLP arm and Power/Fault/Alarm Indicator.

MSRP: $49.95
Molded in the shape of a cup holder, the Cobra CPI 290CH converts a vehicle’s 12-volt lighter plug into a household 115V AC outlet. Providing 200 watts continuous power and 400 watts peak power, the CPI 290CH offers dual 2.1A outputs, compact design and Power/Fault/Alarm Indicator.

CPI 1090
MSRP $129.95
The CPI 1090 makes the perfect tailgating or cross-country road trip companion, ensuring a mini-fridge, coffee pot or TV set stays powered through the long haul. It features a volt/watt LED meter, Pentagon Protection Plus, inductive kick-back protection and GFI self-protection with 1,000 watts continuous power and 2,000 watts peak power. Direct-to-battery cables with clamps are also included.

CPI 1590
MSRP $189.95
The CPI 1590 includes three, grounded AC outlets and 1,500 watts continuous power and 2,500 watts peak power.

CPI 2590
MSRP $299.95
The CPI 2590 provides the power for all the appliances a driver needs while away from home.  It includes the above features with 2,500 watts continuous power and 5,000 watts peak power.

All Cobra Power Inverter models and dash cameras will be available this spring at travel centers nationwide and

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