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Your Trucker pre-trip: Brawl between ATA, OOIDA goes public

Here are five things worth knowing in the world of trucking today, May 3:

1. ATA’s Spear blasts OOIDA over ‘combative' tactics

During the Nasstrac Shipper Conference and Expo in Orlando, Chris Spear, president of the American Trucking Assns., blasted the “agenda and tactics” of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), DC Velocity reports. Asked why the two groups didn’t agree on more common industry-related issues, Spear called OOIDA’s approaches “meaningless” and referred to the group as “combative,” according to the report. In addition, Spear also said that he and his family have received death threats from OOIDA interest groups. It’s no secret that most of OOIDA’s animosity toward the ATA is due to the federal electronic logging device mandate. According to the report, this past February OOIDA’s Todd Spencer sent a letter to the White House that urged President Trump to “steer clear of representatives of ‘large, corporate motor carriers,’ and to get out and meet with ‘Americans who actually drive for a living.’” DC Velocity has more.  

2. Nikola sues Tesla for $2 billion

Nikola Motors is suing Tesla over the design of its Semi electric truck, according to an Inverse report. Court documents state that Nikola claims the design of its hydrogen One truck inspired Tesla’s Semi, which was announced in November. According to Inverse, Nikola claims that it has been harmed by “Tesla’s infringement in excess of $2 billion.” Tesla has stated that there is “no merit to this lawsuit.” Inverse has more.

3. UPS eyes in-home delivery business

Reuters reports that UPS is in talks with at least one trucking firm to launch an in-home delivery service for heavy household goods, such as couches. UPS told Reuters it is “eyeing the furniture-delivery business with, Wayfair and other e-commerce companies competing for market share against chains like Crate and Barrel and big-box stores.” Rumor has it that UPS is in talks to hire trucking company Werner Enterprises, but Werner declined to comment on the matter, Reuters said.

4. Carrier specializes in transporting spacecraft across the U.S.

Trucking company McCollister Transporation Group has become known in the southwest as the carrier that moves “UFOs” across the country. Well, sort of. According to a Wired report, the trucking company hauls a lot of oversized goods, including astronaut capsules, weather-monitoring satellites, and military aircraft. But in one instance, when a driver was transporting an F-35 jet from California to Texas, a passerby in New Mexico saw the big rig carrying a “saucer-looking craft in a metallic shroud,” according to the report. Even the company’s owner, Bradley Worthington, admitted the jet looked “spaceship-ish.” “Everybody’s got their ideas. And if you stop for any reason, people want to know which UFO you’re transporting,” Worthington told Wired. Wired has more.

5. Girl Scouts remind truckers not to be eaten by ‘shark bridge’

A group of Oklahoma Girl Scouts created a music video to help remind truck drivers to avoid the “notorious low clearance ‘shark’ bridge,” CDL Life reports. According to the report, so many truck drivers have hit the railroad bridge over the years that locals have painted a “toothy shark” on the structure. CDL Life posted a video of Girl Scouts Troop 727’s song, plus videos and photos of trucks being “bitten” by the hungry bridge shark.

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