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Spotlight on an American Trucker: William Cook

“I received my initial truck driver training in the National Guard,” said Cook. “Then I took eight weeks of truck driving training in 1989 and started with Carretta Trucking as a company driver in 1990. I worked there for about three years and then drove for Star, hauling Cat parts. And I have driven for several other carriers over the years. In October 2017, I leased on to Kroach Enterprises and am looking into getting my own authority within the next two years.” -- William C. Cook, Owner, W. Cook Trucking LLC

What make of truck and trailer do you own?
I own a 2016 International Prostar with a Cummins ISX with a 10-speed automatic transmission. My trailer is a 2018 53-ft. Utility air ride van.

Type of freight you haul?
Mostly I haul crated or loose military household goods through a broker. I’m totally self-dispatched.

Do you have regularly scheduled routes, on-demand pickup and delivery?
I work on demand as to the needs of the military transferees.

How are major repairs handled?
I use Wiers International Trucks in Logansport, IN, for all major repairs.

How are maintenance and minor repairs handled?
I exclusively use T/A’s for my maintenance and PMs so I have a single service provider and can easily track what’s been done to the truck and when. I change my oil every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. Every other oil change I do an oil flush-out, where we remove the old oil, put in new oil, and then drain it and put in new oil again.

How do you ensure good mileage from tires?
I check the tire air pressure and tire balance, along with three-axle wheel alignment.

Do you stock any parts for your truck or purchase as needed? If you stock parts, which ones?
Yes, I stock oil and fuel filters, fuses, and glad-hand grommets.

How do you determine when it’s time to replace a truck or trailer?
When it starts ‘nickle and dime-ing’ with major repairs, or when I need more depreciation to reduce my taxes.

What’s the biggest business challenge you face with your trucking operation?
Preparing to go from lease operator to running with my own authority. Things like higher cost of insurance, six months to get a CSA score, etc.

If you could change or add one trucking regulation, what would it be and why?
I would either go back to paper logs or make the 14-hour rule more flexible with the right regulations, where a driver can be both safe and productive in the real world of rolling down the road.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
I just love the comfort of the truck I drive. Technology in today’s rigs is what makes trucking great. I love all of this technology!

What does your company do best?
Customer service, hands down, and we do it through communication with everyone involved.

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