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Spotlight on an American Trucker: Carlos Marroquin Sr.

Carlos Marroquin Sr. began working with his brothers and uncle running dump trucks. In 1989 he became an owner-operator, hauling refrigerated loads. Carlos Jr. began working with his dad when he was 17. In 2016 the family opened BNK Management Inc. with 23-year-old Carlos Jr. as CEO. His primary job is dispatching his father, Carlos Sr., and one other truck. His mother, Lisa, is CFO of the corporation, based in Riverside CA.

Make and model(s) of trucks/trailers used in your business?
Carlos Sr.: “2013 Peterbilt 579 pulling a 2012 Utility trailer, and a 2014 Peterbilt 385 pulling a 2011 Wabash trailer. Both have SB230 Thermo­King refrigerated units.”

Do you have regularly scheduled routes or on-demand delivery?
We work through our list of freight brokers for both the I-5 corridor and the East Coast runs.

Maintenance and repairs?
We use a local, independent shop. It is Paccar-engine certified, which is what both our Peterbilts have for power. We take our trailers to their respective OEMs for trailer/reefer repairs and maintenance.

What challenge do you face with your maintenance program?
Our biggest concern is not having mechanical repairs required on the road. We have very reliable mechanics. They do a thorough inspection once a week and repair any problems found, even the most minor ones. Our PM service intervals are every 12,000 to 15,000 miles.

Your good-tire-mileage strategy?
Trailers are kept in alignment, and every tire is inspected weekly for uneven wear, along with checking tread depths and maintaining proper inflation.

How do you determine when it’s time to replace a truck or trailer?
When cost of repairs and downtime for those repairs begin to affect our revenue stream.

The biggest business challenge you face with your operation?
Rates and good-paying loads. We are trying to resolve this by finding some direct shipper loads.

If you could change or add one regulation to trucking, what would it be and why?
Carlos Jr.: “Electronic logs provide zero flexibility for a driver to move his truck during a 10-hour break for either safety reasons or to do personal errands without a whole lot of hassle.”
Carlos Sr.: “More leniency on the hours a trucker can be available for work.”

What do you enjoy most?
Carlos Jr.: “I enjoy dispatching and the challenges of running a corporation. Meeting people daily and developing strong business relationships with them over the phone.”

What’s your company do best?
We pride ourselves on our customer service; communicating details of the loads with brokers, shippers and receivers; on-time pickup and delivery; and making every load stress-free for our customers.

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