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Special podcast thanking the people behind the wheel

Podcast to celebrate upcoming National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

Dart Transit Company, a transportation service provider emphasized the importance the company places on the celebration of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week by producing a podcast featuring members of the Dart office staff commenting on the vital role company drivers and owner-operators play in moving the American economy.

The Dart Network Podcast, which was launched two years ago as a communications and engagement platform focused primarily on Dart’s company drivers and owner-operators, interviewed members of various departments at the company’s headquarters to get their thoughts on National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and what they enjoy most about working with professional drivers.

The interviews ranged from members of Dart’s leadership team to the receptionists at the front desk in the company’s headquarters. The interview responses were edited to together to create a collage of voices discussing their admiration for the company drivers and owner-operators in the Dart Network.

“Truck drivers may very well be the most under-appreciated workforce in America. We can all at times take our most precious resources for granted. It’s human nature. We often take for granted our spouses, our children, our jobs, and other very important parts of our lives,” said James Langley, president of Dart Transit Company.

Among the activities that Dart has planned for the 2018 edition of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Dart has set up a schedule of lunch events the company will be hosting at its terminals across the country. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, which was established by the American Trucking Associations, will take place the week of September 9-15.

“When we started looking at our plans for Driver Appreciation this year, we thought the Dart Network Podcast could provide a great avenue for the office staff to express their appreciation for the men and women on the road in the Dart Network,” said Russ Moore, Dart’s vice president of communications and marketing. “We are always looking for new ways to connect with the company drivers and owner-operators in the Dart Network, and the podcast has become an effective platform for us. Through the Driver Appreciation edition of the podcast, you’ll hear a number of thoughtful and heartfelt observations regarding the daily hard work of company drivers and owner-operators in the Dart Network.”

The Dart Network Podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and SoundCloud. The podcast series, which now has a catalog of more than 100 original productions with news and features principally designed for the company drivers and owner-operators in the Dart Network, was first introduced during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week in 2016. To date, the Dart Network Podcast has collected nearly 10,000 total downloads during the run of the series.

“Sometimes, it takes weeks like Driver Appreciation Week for us to properly reflect on the value our drivers and owner-operators truly bring not only to Dart, but to our country. Our driving community not only keeps our nation moving, but it also provides every single person at Dart an opportunity to earn a living, one that should be in a never-ending act of service not only to our customers, but to the lifeblood of our company and economy, our drivers,” said Langley. “It can never be said enough, but thank you for what you do for Dart, and thank you for what you do to keep America moving.”

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