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P.A.M. offers pay increase

Dry van carrier says improved freight demand and rising rates allowing it to boost pay.

TL carrier P.A.M. Transportation Services, Inc. is increasing mileage pay for both its company and contract drivers, though it said the pay boost will mostly impact its company drivers.

The motor carrier said its mileage pay increase will vary in amount based upon experience and route, but could represent as much as a 40% increase during the first three months under its new pay structure as compared to its prior pay structure, noted Daniel Cushman, P.A.M.’s president.

“This increase to our drivers is something we have wanted to do for the past two years but were unable to because of constant rate pressure driven by a stagnant freight market,” he added.

“We anticipate that strengthening customer demand will drive rate improvement in 2018 and, coupled with benefits from recent tax law reform, allow us to give this long-overdue increase,” Cushman said. “We believe that this increase, combined with having one of the newest fleets in the industry and high utilization lanes will help us to attract new professional drivers to our company.”

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