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ONE 20 Big Game Photo: ONE20

ONE20 truckers deliver ‘Big Game’ freight

Minnesota technology startup is sending two drivers to the Super Bowl on Feb. 4, 2018, and challenging transportation partners to do the same.

In addition to the 150,000 visitors expected to descend on Minneapolis in February, thousands of truck drivers will be delivering tens of thousands of tons of freight for the festivities. However, few drivers get to experience the excitement of the big game for themselves.

Minneapolis-based ONE20 announced it is celebrating and rewarding the truckers who make the big game happen, while challenging the entire trucking industry to do the same. As the Twin Cities prepare to host the preeminent sports and entertainment event of 2018, the company wants to make sure American truckers are part of the action. ONE20 will be inviting two drivers to the big game and giving dozens more access to the events.

As part of its efforts to champion the American truck driver and bring awareness to the trials of life on the road, ONE20 has also announced that it is the official trucking partner to On Location Experiences (OLE) and Nomadic Entertainment’s Club NOMADIC at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, a 64,000-sq.-ft. multi-level nightlife venue that debuted in Houston earlier this year. ONE20 is planning to leverage this partnership as a platform for giving drivers a prominent place in the big game festivities. ONE20 said it and its trucking partners have begun hauling more than 65 truckloads of equipment, staging and materials from Houston to Minneapolis; drivers began delivering Club NOMADIC the week of Nov. 6.

“The American trucker is the unsung hero of every major event in the United States, and this partnership will help show the world how much work goes into producing the events that surround a championship game,” said ONE20 founder and CEO Christian Schenk. “These events simply wouldn’t happen without the thousands of drivers who deliver the entire experience to fans. We are solidifying our commitment to improving life on the road for drivers by ensuring that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor, and we urge all transportation and logistics providers to do the same.”

ONE20 will have a highly visible presence at Club NOMADIC and will be hosting an exclusive event for drivers prior to the big game. In addition, ONE20 is documenting the journey from Houston to Minneapolis in a documentary film series, sharing drivers’ perspectives on their role in bringing the game to a global audience of millions.

“There’s a tremendous amount of logistical work that goes into constructing a 64,000-sq.-ft. entertainment complex from the ground up including gear and rigging, construction materials, food and beverage deliveries, merchandise and outbound shipments after the game,” said Jack Murphy, president, Nomadic Entertainment Group and the visionary behind Club NOMADIC. “Delivery of each of these elements are time-sensitive and critical to success. We’re thrilled to partner with ONE20, not only through the valuable trucking service they provide, but in their desire to tell the stories of the professional truck drivers who work so hard to bring the ancillary elements to the host city to entertain the droves of fans that descend on the big game.”

The 2016 championship game in San Francisco required more than 300 truck deliveries per day in just the six days leading up to the event. According to the company, that’s why ONE20 is also calling on its transportation partners – and any trucking company working to deliver the excitement of the big game to Minneapolis – to recognize the contributions drivers make to major events by extending invites to them so they can see first-hand the event they helped make happen.

“This is a challenge to the entire industry,” Schenk said. “If you’re a true champion and advocate for drivers, then thank them for their service with the ultimate prize. It’s a small price to pay for the work they’ve put in to ensure the big game is a success.”

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