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New health screening station network takes shape for truckers

Two firms join forces to enable truck drivers to measure, track and share their biometric health data.

A company named higi, a health data tracking firm, is joining forces with driver wellness program provider Rolling Strong to deliver on-the-road access to the more than 11,000 higi self-screening health stations across the U.S. Via this new partnership, Jeff Bennett, higi’s CEO, said his company’s health stations will provide the opportunity for drivers to measure, track and share their biometric health data as part of Rolling Strong wellness programs.

To date, more than 45 million people have used a higi health station to conduct over 259 million biometric screenings, Bennett noted, which are located at pharmacies and other “community” locations. “By connecting with truck drivers at one of our 11,000 self-screening health stations across America, we can be a valuable conduit towards helping them stay their healthiest while on the road,” he said.

As a Rolling Strong partner, higi will provide free access to Rolling Strong members to measure their biometric health numbers, including blood pressure, body mass index (BMI) and weight, and directly integrate with the Rolling Strong platform and mobile app to track overall health and wellness. Among other features, the integrated programs will allow the Rolling Strong application to make personalized dining suggestions based on a user’s combination of biometric data, activity levels and geographic location.

 “Our partnership with higi will help us measure the success of our programs and provide a more personalized health and wellness experience for the nation’s commercial drivers,” said Steven Kane, president of Rolling Strong. “With their extensive network of health stations across America, truck drivers can conveniently complete screenings and track their progress through the Rolling Strong platform and mobile app.”

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