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Holiday shopping at the truck stop

Holiday shopping is a hassle for drivers.

The malls are jammed and there’s no room to park a rig, anyway. Online shopping is convenient, but what if you’re not at home to get the package? It could get stolen off the porch or fall into the hands of the intended recipient.  

Truck stops are an overlooked solution for holiday shopping. Drivers are going to stop at one anyway, so it doesn’t require a special trip. And they’re open 24 hours so drivers can avoid the mall crowds and shop on their schedule. Since most truck stop chains offer some sort of rewards program, drivers can earn points for their generosity. 

The RoadPro Family of Brands offers a quick holiday gift guide for truckers on the go:

Entertainment – Whether their  tastes run to DVDs of old TV shows and movies, the latest bestsellers on audiobook or country and pop CDs, truck stops carry enough games, movies, music and books to satisfy everyone on your list.    

Electronics – DVD players, cameras, phones, headphones, chargers, TV sets and GPS navigation systems – your average truck stop stacks up pretty well against Best Buy and without the long lines.   

Toys – You can find something for any young child or grandchild at a truck stop: stuffed animals, games, drones, remote control helicopters and cars, dolls and action figures and, of course, toy trucks.

Food – Got a jerky fan on your list? Nothing beats a truck stop for jerky selection.

Tools – Have you ever given someone a ratchet set as a present? Then you are a practical gifter, someone disinclined to waste money on the frivolous and unnecessary. You’re OK with your presents not being loved, so long as they’re used. Consider jumper cables, heavy-duty ice scrapers or coolers.  

Clothing – Nothing designer label here, but plenty of insulated hoodies, graphic tees, hats, socks and gloves. Most truck stops also sell discount jewelry.

Stocking stuffers – Sometimes the little gifts are harder to pick than the big ones. You don’t want to waste too much time thinking about them or too much money buying them. Luckily, truck stops are full of inexpensive knickknacks; just grab a handful of whatever is at the counter.

Gift competitions – Got one of those families where relatives compete to find the most unusual gifts? You’re in luck because truck stops are the place to find them. We’ve even seen full-sized Viking helmets (no, not the NFL team).

“So let everyone else fight for parking and elbow room at the mall or big box store,” according to RoadPro. “Find a truck stop and do your holiday shopping the smart way.”

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