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Covenant Transport offers $40,000 bonus to driving teams

Truckers would earn $1,000 each for every 60,000 paid miles a team drives.

Covenant Transport is launching a $40,000 "teaming bonus" program aimed at teams and single truck drivers willing to convert to teaming.

The new program, which goes into effect Feb. 1, pays a $2,000 bonus to driving teams every time a team eclipses 60,000 paid miles together. The team drivers will receive $1,000 each — and could earn up to $20,000 each in bonuses.

The bonus program comes as Chatanooga, TN-based Covenant aims to grow its team truck count from its 2017 average of 980 in the face of expected demand for team capacity in 2018. The company said it hopes to send a message to existing and potential driving teams that Covenant wants them. 

“We have team freight,” said David Parker, founder and CEO of Covenant Transport Services. “That’s important to note because a lot of carriers bring on team drivers and put them on solo lanes.”

Parker, who founded Covenant Transport 32 years ago as a team carrier with wife Jacqueline, said: “One of the most frustrating things for a team is being underutilized. Teams want long lengths of haul, and that’s what we are focused on giving them,” he said.

Joey Hogan, president of Covenant Transport Services, said in an increasingly competitive labor market, the new bonus program also solidifies Covenant’s place among top driver employers.

“Rewarding people for doing the work you ask them to do is what attracts and retains the type of drivers you are looking for,” Hogan said. “We feel our new teaming bonus will be a great reward for our team drivers who go out and run.”

Hogan said throughout 2017, Covenant felt growing competition for team drivers, “so we knew we had to start off the year by putting our stamp on what we specialize in, and that’s teaming. “We’re excited to offer these bonuses to our current team drivers,” he said, “and look forward to welcoming many new team drivers in 2018.”

To be eligible for the $40,000 Teaming Bonus, new drivers are not required to bring a team partner to Covenant. The company’s team matching program will match single drivers in search of driving partners, and following orientation, newly-formed teams are immediately eligible to begin earning under the $40,000 Teaming Bonus program.

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