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011918DashCamI95PalmBeachFL Reddit Screengrab
A car skids across I-95 outside Palm Beach, FL, on Tuesday, Jan. 9.

DashCam of the Week: No signal before 180 on I-95

Car does double 180 across three lanes of I-95 in Florida — and somehow avoids colliding with any other vehicle.

Don’t you hate it when the car in front of you doesn’t signal before doing a 180-degree turn on a crowded highway?

This week’s DashCam of the Week caught a sedan that just couldn’t handle signaling or figuring out how to correct a wrong decision on Interstate 95 South in Lake Worth, FL.

On a six-lane stretch of one of the most deadly highways in the United States, this driver starts to drift from one of the middle lanes into another lane. Was the driver changing lanes or just drifting as he or she logged into Facebook? We don’t know. But his next status update is probably has something to do with being lucky to be still alive.

As seen in the video posted by Reddit user AmishRakeFightGFY, the sedan drifted into the right middle lane, another car was traveling much faster and barely stopped as it drove around the vehicle in question.

As is often the case when a lousy driver makes a mistake — he or she overcorrects. This car skids through its first lane and into the next lane (its third in a half-second). The driver then attempts to overcorrect the initial overcorrection of the first bad driving move. This leads the car to skid into a 180-degree turn back through the original lane and into the next lane over (another three lanes in less than a second).

For a moment, we have a north-facing car on a southbound interstate.

Rather than completing a full 360, the car boomerangs back into the right direction and back into its original lane. It then makes a Barry Sanders-like stutter step to avoid another car to its right before moving into that lane. Without signaling. And it suddenly shifts another lane over to the right. Without signaling.

The car then passes another car it almost hit on the right before driving off into the sunset. Or maybe it was making a detour to buy a new pair of pants at the nearby Walmart Supercenter in Palm Beach.

This dashcam video is just another reminder that without good drivers, bad drivers like this would face another fate.

If you have a video you’d like to nominate for DashCam of the Week, please send the video link here.


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