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011818DashCamOfWeek YouTube screengrab
A car skids in front of a truck on I-44 in Sullivan, MO.

DashCam of the Week: Near collision with 'the King'

A driver loses control on I-44 in Missouri while a trucker is able to somehow avoid a big crash — twice.

This person drives about as well as the temporary license plate is attached to back of that car. Luckily for him (or her), the trucker driving the rig that car nearly crashed into — twice — knew how to handle his rig and avoid a collision on Interstate 44 in Sullivan, MO.

The trucker who posted the dashcam video from this past Sunday morning, Jan. 7, identifies as TMobile Taco King on YouTube. “The King” was tooling up I-44 East, about an hour outside St. Louis, doing around 70 mph when he approached this sedan driven by someone who apparently had other things on his mind — and his eyes on something other than the road.

As the truck nears exit 225 on I-44, you can see the sedan start to fade from the right lane — like it is merging into the truck’s path. If the driver of the car had waited for a half second longer, this video might have had a more gruesome ending. But somehow the trucker slows down enough to avoid the car — as its temporary tag flaps in the wind.

As the car driver tries to regain control and get back into the right lane, he overcorrects and starts to head right for an overpass support column — so the driver overcorrects in the opposite direction, skidding back into the left lane and nearly underneath the truck. The sedan is so close to the tractor that you can barely see the car’s trunk in the dashcam video. The car ends up in the grass median as the truck slows down.

The King ends up pulling off at exit 225 while waiting for the driver whose car appears to be OK. The car also gets off at the exit, slows down, waves at the King and then speeds away up the exit ramp, that temporary tag flapping in the wind.

That near collision was avoided thanks to some good driving by this American trucker. That must be why they call him the TMobile Taco King. Or is it because he likes to eat tacos while on his cell phone?

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