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Dash Cam of the Week: What a drag

Dash Cam of the Week: What a drag

Okay, professional truck drivers, here’s an honest question, or at least one being asked by the thousands of people who’ve seen this very viral video: Can you really not detect a car stuck in the side of your trailer as you’re pulling up a long grade?

“Oblivious” is the word used most often in headlines to describe the driver of the truck in this clip, posted originally on Facebook and since reposted on hundreds of news sites—so many, in fact, that the Dash Cam of the Week team debated whether or not to even bother with it. But peer pressure got the better of us, and this is a recent clip so there’s a chance some of our regular readers haven’t caught it yet.

There’s not much to add, in terms of details, but the truck was reported to be carrying 50,000 pounds of carrots up Cajon Pass when a couple of four-wheelers got to banging into each other, with one them winding up wedged under the rig’s second trailer.

“The truck driver claimed not to have any idea the collision had occurred,” the California Highway Patrol said in a news release. The driver was not impaired, his paperwork was in order, and he was allowed to leave.

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