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Dash Cam of the Week: What can you do?

Dash Cam of the Week: What can you do?

If nothing else, we here at Dash Cam of the Week have learned that there’s no underestimating the driving skills of folks in four-wheelers. (Or, in the vernacular: There’s no accounting for stupid.) The problem for truckers is that, many times, they’re placed in no-win situations. And many truckers are finding that, in those situations, the dash cam is your friend.

The judge has yet to hear the case regarding this accident, but the trucker who was cited for following too closely says he wants his day court—and he’s taking this clip with him. Or will the judge rule that the truck driver should’ve anticipated that the third vehicle in the video—the one not involved in the accident—was driven by a bozo? Talk about injustice.

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