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Dash Cam of the Week: Weather-shmether

Dash Cam of the Week: Weather-shmether

Why bother to talk about the weather, when there’s nothing anybody can do about it? Well, try telling that to the truck drivers featured in this edition of Dash Cam of the Week. We know that plenty of truckers have mad skills, but most demonstrations of such don’t make it to social media fame. These did.

In this clip, according to the Sacramento Bee, a FedEx twin-trailer rig jack-knifed one morning last week on Interstate 80 at the top of a grade above the Floriston. The California Highway Patrol, faced with a shutting down of the freeway, decided to let the sometimes sideways combo slip slide down the hill to a turnout.

YouTube is full of tractor-trailer backing fails, but here’s a success story. Just another day on the job, negotiating a tricky alleyway to a loading dock. In the snow. In the dark. But not without an oath or two, and some verbal encouragement for the rig.

Finally, not much skill involved here, other than the trucker having the sense to let the tornado cross the road of the rig.

“It didn’t lift us or anything, but we definitely felt the truck moving,” he told TV station KHOU

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