Dash Cam of the Week: Trucks vs. Mother Nature

Dash Cam of the Week: Trucks vs. Mother Nature

Many truckers do what they do because, despite traffic and hassles at the dock and being away from home, they love the road. A big part of that is just the sheer beauty of America: Sunrise in the mountains or sunset in the desert, Mother Nature is awesome. But she can also be fickle, and that’s when things get, um, interesting.

Winter blizzards become spring floods, and tornadoes are not a tractor-trailer’s friend. But it’s all in a day’s work. Still, there are some things you don’t see very often. And that’s why this installment of Dash Cam of the Week takes us first to an emergency in China, where the meaning of  “dump truck” seems to have been lost in translation. (And chances are, when you signed up to drive truck, you didn’t anticipate a situation where someone would tie a long rope around your waist—just in case…)

Meanwhile, back in North America, we get a good long look at a recent High Plains hailstorm—and it’s quite beautiful (from a distance) and ominous. In an interesting comment thread, a meteorologist explains that the vehicles are heading into the rear flank downdraft (RFD) which is where the serious hail and wind are found.

“If you're on the road and see something that looks like this filling your windshield and there's a weather watch in effect, this is the one kind of system you never want to drive into, especially when it shows the bowing shape like in cammer's video. RFDs are killers for hail damage, he writes. “Find shelter, or park and point your vehicle so the back takes the brunt of the windblown hail.”

(The video is long—and there’s not much to see once the driver can’t see anything—but the cloud is most impressive. Be aware.)

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