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Dash Cam of the Week: Pay attention!

Dash Cam of the Week: Pay attention!

Attention must be paid, truckers. While investigators have not reported what exactly caused the crash featured in this Dash Cam of the Week, distracted driving certainly shouldn’t be ruled out. Sixty miles per hour is 88 feet per second, meaning a big rig can cover a lot of ground while the driver is checking messages or dabbing a coffee spill—and a tractor-trailer packs a wallop.

Illinois State Police investigators are reviewing the YouTube video, and hoping to contact the original source, according to the Chicago Tribune. The accident happened on I-94 near Six Flags Great America outside Chicago. West-bound traffic was backed up at the Grand Ave. exit when the truck failed to slow, slamming into cars and sending a couple into the air.

The crash left one person in critical condition and seven others with minor injuries, the Tribune report said. Charges had not been filed as of midweek.

Additional video from the crash scene is here.

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