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Dash Cam of the Week: Malfunction junction

Dash Cam of the Week: Malfunction junction

If it weren’t so scary, one might get a chuckle from this Dash Cam of Week that features the gates at a rail crossing coming down after the train has smashed through a FedEx trailer caught without warning on the tracks.

The Utah Transit Authority is investigating why the crossing gates were still up when a commuter train tore through the semi at the North Salt Lake intersection. The accident was caught by a police car’s dash cam.

The gates at the intersection had been affected by severe ice and snow conditions earlier that day and had successfully defaulted to the “down and active” position, according to a UTA statement. But after a transit employee arrived at the location, the gates moved to the upward position and remained up as the crash occurred.

No serious injuries were reported. The Salt Lake Tribune has more details.

We posted these before, but maybe it wouldn’t hurt to run them again: Operation Lifesaver, an organization formed to educate the public on rail crossing safety, offers  tips for truck drivers as well as a “pro driver” challenge.

This brief video also provides tips on what a trucker should do if he’s stuck or stalled at a crossing:

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