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Dash Cam of the Week: Made in China

Dash Cam of the Week: Made in China

The Dash Cam of the Week staff were surprised to find so many videos of turkeys flying into windshields, to say nothing of their chasing cops at the roadside (and apparently they like to go after grandmothers, too—and plenty of grandkids are happy to stand around with smartphones to capture the moment), but those clips didn’t really put us in the spirit of the season. So we took the Thanksgiving holiday off.

Yet after fighting through the crowds during the national nightmare that is the opening weekend of shopping season, we’ve settled on an appropriate theme for American consumerism run amok: Made in China.

Of course, virtually all of the merchandise on our store shelves traveled the last leg by truck—but we don’t typically consider that first leg. So, in honor of those brothers and sisters behind the wheel of big rigs across the Pacific, let’s put ourselves in the distant driver’s seat.

And be thankful for what truckers have over here.

Here’s a trucker working his way out of tight spot, with a happy ending:

Not sure if this is what caused the highway traffic to stop, or what people do when the road is blocked:

Another day, another intersection:

Self explanatory?

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