Dash Cam of the Week: long, strange trip

Dash Cam of the Week: long, strange trip

Flatbedder flees with forklift—but why?

This Dash Cam of the Week is hot off the digital presses. According to CBSMiami.com, it all started Tuesday when police got a call about a truck theft. But who knew the truck driver would make a run for it?

“It is a little bizarre, especially a flatbed hauling a forklift on the back, you know,” Lt. Orlando Sanchez of the Doral (FL) Police Dept. said in the news report.

At this point, we have more questions than answers—starting with, what was the driver thinking? We’re assuming a string of convictions that made him disinclined to go back to jail—but that’s only a guess. Next guess: Hormonally fearless kid on a joy ride? To confuse things, Local10.com, the ABC affiliate, wonders if there’s a connection to a stolen police car found at the bottom of a lake the same day. (That’s a stretch—or is it?)

For a short-and-sweet edited version of the newly released PD dash cam footage, CBS Miami has you covered.

We have the full chase here, from the Raw Leak YouTube channel (although we do skip ahead, through some nice driving by the responding officer as he makes do with blocked construction lanes).

The thing is, that fleeing flatbedder handles the truck pretty well himself. Too bad his skills will likely be of little use where he’s headed. (Full disclosure, it’s a straight truck—but still … )

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