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Dash Cam of the Week: Knights, or nuts?

Dash Cam of the Week: Knights, or nuts?

While some truckers who've been around awhile bemoan the rise of megacarriers and encroaching regulation, anyone who spends any time at all on the roads knows that truck drivers—at least some—still consider themselves “knights of the highway,” rendering roadside aid to fellow professionals and stranded motorists alike. The question is: Should they?

Certainly, some companies have policies to discourage their drivers from stopping to help—because more than a few ladies in distress have had an accomplice waiting in the shadows. Ultimately, it comes down to the urge to assist and one’s tolerance for risk.

Dash Cam of the Week features some recent examples of judgment calls, and asks readers: What should you do in these situations? What would you do?

In this clip, a trucker stops on the freeway to protect a stalled motorcyclist. It’s garnered more than 300,000 views and 440 comments so far—and they’re very divided.

Here, a truck driver attempts to straddle the center line, with slow moving traffic and merge ahead. According to the YouTube post, the cammer forwarded the clip to the company and the driver was fired. Warranted?

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