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Dash Cam of the Week: Highway robbery

Dash Cam of the Week: Highway robbery

The theme for this edition of Dash Cam of the Week is cargo security. In the first clip, the driver apparently left the keys in his truck—he was just going to run inside, you know. Only for a second.

The thief saw the window of opportunity—unfortunately for him, that window quickly closed as cars pulled in both ahead and behind the box truck, and the owner comes out of the truck stop.

Based on a comment with the YouTube video, after taking out the truck stop awning and rolling over the car, the thief only made it about a block because the axle broke. But the bad guy apparently took the owner’s keys and wallet, then used his driver’s license to find the residence and steal his car.

Speaking of bad guys, this one is quite daring—or was. Not sure if he’s still hood surfing his way to fame and fortune by robbing moving tractor-trailers after this attempt. And if he is, we’re betting he’s not wearing flip flops again. (The video is a little disorienting at first, but the view is from a camera placed above the trailer doors, looking down onto the highway. And for just this reason.)

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