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Dash Cam of the Week: Headed to the lake?

Dash Cam of the Week: Headed to the lake?

Nothing says it’s summer in the U.S. like a long, Fourth of July weekend at the lake. Unfortunately, many of our fellow Americans are somewhat careless when it comes to loading up gear for the trip. So this collection of clips is to remind us all to be careful on the highway, whether we’re pulling the boat trailer or trying to avoid one that’s come loose.

This video is especially scary to those of us who ride motorcycles—and because the driver of the SUV doesn’t seem to realize he’s lost his poorly secured water toy. According to a report on Fox 9, the motorcyclist had just bought his protective jacket before the accident on I-94 in Woodbury, MN.

Fox 9 even did a special on the matter of unsecured loads, including the story of car passenger killed by cement block that had fallen from a flatbed trailer.

Getting back to getting to the lake, there’s this:

And this.

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