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Snow pileup on I-90
A snowy screenshot of a tractor trailer that skidded on I-90 during a 25-car pileup.

Dash Cam of the Week: 'This is freaking bonkers'

About 100 cars are stranded on I-90 outside Buffalo during a blizzard this week. Guys in car provide commentary as they rubberneck on by.

If you've been driving in America over the past week, you've probably seen some snow. While snow is as common as air in western New York this time of year, seeing around 100 cars stuck on I-90 after a crash isn’t.

That is what these guys saw as they headed west on Interstate 90 outside Buffalo on Tuesday, Jan. 2. In what was originally called a 100-car-pile-up — but was closer to a 25-car crash — on the eastbound side of the highway. Some 60 to 75 vehicles were stuck, local police told the Buffalo News. 

One person died in the crash and another was seriously injured. The rest of the drivers and passengers were stuck for up to four hours on I-90 as they waited for the scene to be cleared.

"I've been dealing with crashes on the Thruway for 20 years, including critical ones, but I have never seen this many vehicles under these conditions," said Bowmansville Volunteer Fire Chief Thomas Trzepacz. "We're always training for something like this and we did the best we could under the conditions."

The guys in this car, one of whom shot this video with his cell phone, hadn’t seen anything like it. But turning up the volume is worth it for their commentary as they slowly rubberneck through the blizzard. And while this isn't a true dashcam video — it was shot through the windshield and driver's window — we thought it would be a fitting way to return the DashCam of the Week video to 
If you have a video you'd like to nominate for DashCam of the Week, please send the video or a link here.   
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