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Dash Cam of the Week: Fire meets O2

Dash Cam of the Week: Fire meets O2

A terrible accident happened on I-285 out of Atlanta Wednesday. A video clip made by a driver stopped on the opposite side of the freeway caught our eye with the multiple explosions from a burning tractor-trailer, lighting up the nighttime sky.

Since the video description offered now details, the staff here at Dash Cam of the Week googled around to get the story, finding both another video and then some details from Atlanta’s WSB-TV

According to the Channel 2, firefighters reported that the truck’s brakes caught fire. The driver was hurt when he got out to check the brakes and a tire exploded. The fire spread to the trailer, which carried oxygen tanks. Area residents said that multiple explosions rocked their homes, and canisters were spotted flying across the Interstate.

The driver, whose name had not been released in the latest Channel 2 update, was taken the hospital and was in critical condition. This kind of story is no fun to pass along, but it’s just another reminder (here at the end of CVSA’s Brake Safety Week) to be safe out there, drivers—and to take brake maintenance very seriously.

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