Dash Cam of the Week: Elephant races

Dash Cam of the Week: Elephant races

How slow can you go?

Let’s get this out of the way right up front: The staff here at Dash Cam of the Week think mandatory truck speed limiters, hard-set well below the speed of most highway traffic, are a bad idea and bad things can happen. Simply, it is our experience that drivers in four-wheelers can become really frustrated by “elephant races,” or two big rigs traveling side by side, as the 62-mph truck takes a mile of more to pass a 61-mph truck.

It’s common enough already, and the situation will get much worse if FMCSA requires all trucks to top out at 62 or even 65 mph. (We’ll see: An FMCSA proposal has been stuck in review at the Office of Management and Budget for more than a year—so somebody there doesn’t like something.)

This was fresh on our minds following a recent road trip on I-40 during which we saw several examples of driver stupidity as cars tried to get around the rolling road blocks caused by groups of trucks running at speeds in the low 60s.

Certainly, truck drivers need to be aware—but they’re likely a little frustrated, too, by the comparatively slow speed, and by the notion that the only way to quickly end an elephant race is for the truck being overtaken to go even slower. That’ll get old on a cross-country run. (It’s like one of Zeno’s paradoxes, where you’ll never get where you’re going.)

Anyway, we find this week’s clip from Down Under to be timely. Got a solution? Pass it on (so to speak).

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