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Dash Cam of the Week: Dog days

Dash Cam of the Week: Dog days

Being polite versus being safe? Compassion versus commerce? Frame this Dash Cam of the Week however you will. As with most situations on the road, you have to make the call. So what do you do here?

The first situation: A trucker comes up on a traffic stopped along a two-lane highway. Turns out, some women have stopped their car—and both lanes—to try to catch a small dog. (We came across a similar situation on I-95 in Connecticut not long ago—and definitely felt the pet rescuers were out of their minds—but does the roadway/traffic volume make a difference?)

Similarly, this clip showed up in our feed this week. What’s the protocol for truckers and funeral processions? The staff here at DCOW is giving this truck driver a pass because there’s not a lot of shoulder for an oversized, heavy haul load to pull over—but the cammer obviously felt differently.

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