Dash Cam of the Week: Coming and going

Dash Cam of the Week: Coming and going

At the risk of being preachy, we preface this Dash Cam of the Week with a Biblical admonition: “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

And, let’s face it, negotiating the increasingly tight spaces in truck parking lots is a lousy way to begin and end long days on the road, but we all have to do it. (Note to parking lot stripers: Just because you’ve calculated the maximum theoretical capacity doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to lay it out that way.)

To the point, this week we’ve come across a bumper crop of clips featuring a scrape here and a scratch there, all preventable with just a little more caution. And while a fender-bender at the truck stop is not nearly as exciting as a high-speed highway near miss, we know from our in-box that a routine reminder to be careful goes a long way with readers.

Here’s the freshest of this week’s minor mishaps that proved to be a real mess. Comments with the YouTube video suggest the driver didn’t even realize what he had done—until he was chased down before he could leave the truck stop.

Of course, we try to include a lesson in proper trucking when we can, so here’s a refresher, courtesy C.R. England, with nearly 700,000 views. “Go and sin no more,” driver.

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