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Dash Cam of the Week: Brothers in crime

Dash Cam of the Week: Brothers in crime

While common driving mistakes are a routine nuisance and often lead to real problems, most of the idiocy truckers see on the highways are rooted in carelessness, maybe rudeness, and sometimes just plain meanness. But, whether we like to think about it or not, we share the public roads with some genuinely dangerous people—as this Dash Cam of the Week shows.

This video comes from the dash cam of a highway patrol vehicle, and doesn’t involve a big rig—but it was so compelling we decided to share it here. According to the report from, the clip shows Michigan State Police Trooper Garry Guild as he goes after a fleeing motorcycle thief. After the motorcyclist crashes, he and trooper struggle. Then it gets weird as the thief’s brother shows up. And scary.

"I'm thinking 'alright this is a deadly force situation, I'm going to have to get to my secondary backup weapon,'" Guild told MLive. "At the same time, I'm losing consciousness."

Fortunately, another passerby jumped into the fray, likely preventing something very, very bad from happening.

"I later spoke to them and they couldn't understand how someone could drive by and not do anything," the trooper said. "They felt it was the part of a good citizen to help police when being attacked."

So there are good guys out there, too.

The brothers are charged with are charged with assault with intent to murder, among other things. More here, including the trooper testifying in court.

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