Dash Cam of the Week: Balancing act

Dash Cam of the Week: Balancing act

A trucker's slow-motion bad day

The takeaway from this installment of Dash Cam of the Week is straightforward: Cargo securement.

In each recent clip, something obviously was not packed quite right, although the incidents are both such slow-motion rolls that the trailer chassis might warrant second looks as well.

Can there be an any more helpless feeling than being in the cab and knowing that you’re going, going, gone?

Unless, maybe it’s going, going, going, going… Too bad the dash cam driver didn't stick around to record how the trucker managed to get out of this one (no need to watch past the 1:00 minute mark):

Got any questions about proper loading techniques? FMCSA has the answers. Check out the Driver's Handbook on Cargo Securement. Or if a slide deck is more to your liking, Ryder has you covered.

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