Dash Cam of the Week: Bad Santa, good truckers

Dash Cam of the Week: Bad Santa, good truckers

Wouldn’t you know, the Dash Cam of the Week staff has found plenty of bad-driving teachable moments captured on video in the last few days, but we’re going to save them until after the holidays. Let’s be jolly, and enjoy some Christmas trucking!

First up, Europe-based truck maker MAN has a fun promotional video in which a trucker saves the day when a very bad (PG-13) Santa can’t make his deliveries.

Of course, truck fans in Europe—where cabovers predominate—love long-nosed American rigs. The clip below is just one of many we found featuring the latest versions of the classic Coke Christmas truck, here in a parade in Leipzig, Germany, featuring red Freightliners.

And finally, trucker Lane Dumser wishes you all happy holidays (and will make you smile) as he lipsyncs an old Christmas novelty tune. Ho ho ho. Let give his YouTube plenty of views.

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