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Dash Cam of the Week: Bad checks

Dash Cam of the Week: Bad checks

You really have to wonder, sometimes: What were they thinking? But the short answer is: They weren’t. Too often on our highways people are getting mad and then getting stupid.

Exhibit A: C’mon, man, do the physics and you wouldn’t do this. Brake-checking a semi at freeway speed just isn’t a good idea if you’re in car that could be barely be seen when you swoop in under the truck’s nose.

“This driver apparently took exception to me being in the middle lane of traffic (Shortly after an on-ramp made it 3-lanes) and decided that the appropriate response was to brake check me while I was doing almost 60 MPH, and then flip me off,” writes the trucker on the YouTube post.

Truckers, however, aren’t saints sometimes. And sometimes you just can’t take it anymore, as this Fox7 report from Austin explains.

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