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Dash Cam of the Week: All hail!

Dash Cam of the Week: All hail!

Back in the day when a member of the Dash Cam of the Week staff made a dishonest living writing editorials for the daily newspaper, the boss, with great intensity and some colorful wording not quoted here, said in response to an absolutely lovely and gentle opinion piece on the welcomed arrival of summer: “Never write about the weather—there’s nothing we can do about it!”

That boss would not approve of this clip, in which nothing happens except the cammer gets pelted by a not uncommon Rocky Mountain hail storm. In defense of same boss, we concede there’s not much of a  truck safety lesson to be delivered here—other than maybe check the forecast. But how many truckers can opt to sit out a potential thunder shower?

Still, this video stings. And gets louder and louder.

TAGS: News Safety
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