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Erin Tallieu

WIT names Tallieu its May member of the month

Erin Tallieu is the May member of the month for the Women In Trucking Association (WIT).

Owner and managing partner of Motherload Transport Services Inc. in Nanaimo, B.C., Tallieu has been working in the industry since she was young.

Tallieu’s mother lead by example, and when Erin herself joined her mother, she experienced similar challenges in the predominantly male-lead industry. But far from an obstacle, this offered her perspective; a personal reason to demand change in an industry that appeared set in its ways.

“As a young, female leader in the industry, I believe I am uniquely positioned to inspire change,” Tallieu said.

In her past five years as chief operations officer at Motherload, Tallieu doubled annual income while cultivating an all-women tight-knit group of employees. She also was invited to join the Canadian WIT Image Team.

“As a business leader and mentor, I approach everything with sincere enthusiasm,” Tallieu said. “It is an honor to lend my voice to the Canadian Image Team of Women In Trucking, an organization that truly speaks to my heart and mirrors my values.”

Tallieu is an advocate not only for increasing the number of women in trucking, but for improving attitudes and perceptions as well. She uses her personal story to motivate others in her endeavor to build inclusivity.

“I look forward to encouraging other women to not only enter the field, but to strive for great things,” Tallieu said.

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