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Uber Freight makes reefer app upgrades

App now includes information on temperature ranges and other reefer-specific needs to match carriers with shippers.

Florida farms shipped almost 80 million boxes of citrus fruit during the last produce season. These Florida oranges, tangerines and pineapples were a fraction of the 7.7 million tons of citrus produced in the U.S last season, and only 1.5% of the 520.1 million tons of refrigerated goods shipped around the country every year.

Finding carriers with the right equipment to haul these loads can be challenging for shippers, according to Uber Freight, which recently updated its app for reefer haulers. On the other side, it can be equally challenging for carriers and their drivers to find refrigerated loads that match the capabilities of their truck heading in the right direction at the right time.

Uber Freight has been arranging both dry-van and refrigerated loads for more than a year, the company noted in a recent blog post, providing carriers with up-front pricing, quick payment and the ability to book loads with a touch of a button. "This summer, as national refrigerated load rates hit a near all-time high, we wanted to upgrade our app to make that process even smoother for carriers looking to find, book and move refrigerated freight," the company wrote.

Now, information such as the pre-cooling temperature, minimum/maximum temperature, and other specifics around trailer preparation are provided in the app alongside regular booking details like equipment type, route, distance, time and price. Carriers on the Uber Freight app are able to see the information they need to determine whether or not a refrigerated load is right for them up-front and then book it on the spot.

"These new features mean that carriers and shippers are in an even better position to take advantage of the demand for fresh produce," according to Uber Freight. "We’re excited to continue bringing new opportunities to the industry and hope you’ll join us on the road." 

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