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Navistar’s ‘best days are ahead,’ CEO tells analysts, press

Navistar International Corp. invited analysts and members of the press to a meeting Feb. 4 to take an in-depth look at the progress the truck and engine maker has made in all aspects of its business and to get a preview of what lies ahead. Executives also used the occasion to introduce a new company mission statement: "It's Uptime at International." The message is intended to speak both to International Truck's revitalization as well as its dedication to enabling its customers to work better, harder and faster.

“We have not had one of these meetings for three years,” Troy Clarke, Navistarpresident and CEO observed, noting that the company had to make many adjustments, but that "it is time to resume our annual analysts meetings. From adversity comes strength. I am personally convinced our best days are ahead.”

In the past, Navistar's plans had focused largely on its exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) engine, but that did not come to pass, Clarke (seen at right during the 2013 Mid America Trucking Show) noted. "Now our transition to SCR [selective catalytic reduction] is complete and our data shows us that the trucks we are building are the best in more than a decade," he said.

"We also had warranty issues and we saw market share decline. As of today, however, we have accomplished 'ten years of progress' in the last two years,” Clarke noted, listing key achievements including an improved cash position and lowered breakeven point, improved product quality, reduced warranty costs, the initiation of lean practices and consolidated manufacturing, significant restructuring and attracting “good people” to the organization, especially strong leadership. 

“Now we’ve got to build on this,” Clarke said.

Navistar also announced during the meeting that the company is now focusing on “maximizing customer uptime.” 

"Uptime means more than designing and building trucks to stay on the road longer," said Bill Kozek, Navistar president, Truck and Parts. "It's our renewed commitment to the industry to deliver innovation, tools and services that keep our customers moving.

For more details and Navistar’s finances and product strategy, see Wendy Leavitt’s complete coverage on

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