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NASTC to offer weigh station bypass service to members

NASTC to offer weigh station bypass service to members

The National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC) recently completed an agreement with HELP Inc. to offer PrePass to its members. The PrePass program helps drivers save time and fuel by allowing them to bypass weigh facilities.

The weigh station bypass and toll payment services are available as an option for bundled packages on NASTC’s Management and Safety Program (MSP). The benefit is also offered through NASTC as a non-bundled program.

“In 2010 we conducted an internal study of NASTC members, comparing like-sized companies who used PrePass and those who didn’t. Those using PrePass were 7 basis points healthier on their CSA numbers, their driver turn-over ratios were lower, their on-time deliveries were higher, and they consistently booked more loaded miles per week, per driver” said David Owen, President of NASTC. “Most carriers pick up as much as an hour per day, per driver on available driving time under the hours of service and most million mile drivers are attracted to companies who provide this service.”

PrePass combines weigh station bypassing and electronic toll payment services with a single transponder. According to the company, transponder RFID technology is the most reliable and secure platform for remote communication of sensitive data. The U.S. Department of Transportation also selected this platform for connected and autonomous vehicles based on signal reliability and data security.

The NASTC PrePass program is available to members not enrolled in PrePass during the prior 6-months with less than 100 power units. Fleets must also meet minimum safety score requirements to qualify.

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