FMCSA delays final stage of Unified Registration System

FMCSA delays final stage of Unified Registration System

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is delaying the implementation of the final stage of the Unified Registration System (URS) until Jan. 14, 2017, with a new full compliance date of April 14, 2017, the agency has announced. 

FMCSA is currently updating its information technology systems and undertaking a complex migration of millions of records to remote storage servers, explained Kelly Regal, director, FMCSA associate administrator, Research and Information Technology, in a conference call Wednesday. 

This work will provide the agency and its state partners a foundation to successfully launch the final stage of URS, she said.  The first phase, launched in December 2015, combined multiple “legacy” reporting forms into a single, online “smart form” that streamlines the registration and renewal process, improves efficiency, reduces errors and, “most importantly, strengthens safety for the motoring public,” the agency says.

However, only the initial registration by new applicants has been handled through the URS so far. Existing carriers, scheduled to begin using the system Sept. 30, will continue to use the current methods for biannual reporting and registration changes until the January 2017 final implementation of URS.

FMCSA estimates that initial phase has saved the industry approximately $1.6 million in processing time during the first six months.  To date, FMCSA has issued 62,000 USDOT numbers, removed 340,000 dormant USDOT numbers from agency databases, and screened 100% of operating authority applications for reincarnated carriers.  

Click here to read the Federal Register notice. 

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