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Driver news roundup: “Take out” for truckers Bruce Baunmann photo

Driver news roundup: “Take out” for truckers

In this roundup of trucking-related news picked up from around the Web, we have an "only in Colorado" special delivery to truckers blocked by an avalanche; an accidentally improvised delivery door; and the success story of family-run Napa trucking company that has found there is true profit in wine.

Special delivery: To borrow from the ATA’s slogan: Good stuff. Pizza guy brings it. The latest trucking photo to go viral features snow-bound rigs on I-70 in Colorado, and the intrepid pizza delivery driver who wheeled his little 4WD to the scene with a hot pie.

According to 9News, the driver owns a Vail pizza place—and he’s done it before.

"These guys have been sitting there for anywhere from 10 to 14 hours in their trucks, just sitting there overnight. They’re usually very hungry and they’re very excited to see us when we pull up, that’s for sure," he told the television station.

To-go order: Adding a new spin to the concept a “drive-thru” restaurant, the front door and a dining table were apparently the only victims in this New Jersey truck vs. building crash on Tuesday.

More about the accident here.

In vino lucrum. Another fresh item on the mainstream media trucking menu, the North Bay (CA) Business Journal profiles a Napa-based, family-run trucking business that got its start in the late 1970s catering to the local wine industry.

Biagi Bros. photo

​Biagi Bros. has since grown into a nationwide trucking, warehousing and logistics company with major customers including Anhueser-Busch and Constellation Brands.

“They want you to jump when they call. If they are working with another big company their size, it’s difficult to do that,” CEO Greg Biagi told the Journal. “With companies that have big boards, it’s hard for them to make decisions quickly. So, I think they like dealing with us because we’re family-owned.”

Of note, Biagi Bros. success in warehousing is partly due to “a secondary production,” fixing a problem with a product after it comes off the production line. This includes repackaging, relabeling, applying foil to a bottle neck, and quality inspections for leaking bottles and bad corks. The service is performed within the Biagi warehouses, according to the story.

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